Erase 10 years within few weeks (no surgery / no needles / no laser burns)

New Revolutionary / FIRST and ONLY / facial skin care treatment that combines a use of 3 most efficient non invasive techniques and a use of ADULT HUMAN STEM CELL CREAM SET all approved by TGA :

Clinical Perfection offers four anti-ageing techniques in one treatment package.


  • Ultrasound
  • Deep skin massage (a French system based on ancient Chinese practices)
  • Light therapy (facial photo rejuvenation)
  • adult therapy stem cell creams (based on human adipose stem cells)


With this treatment, skin appearance, texture, firmness, colour and wrinkles all improve so you look younger, healthier and more radiant. Fold lines, especially around the nose and mouth and beneath the eyes, are less noticeable as the skin appears plumper, firmer and brighter. Skin tissue is regenerated to combat not just wrinkles but thinning of ageing skin so damaged skin cells are renewed, restored and repaired as the treatment works from deep inside the skin while protecting the outside. Results are noticeable within weeks, not months. After 2 weeks, changes can be seen; after 4 weeks a 60-80% improvement on wrinkle depth is evident.

The creams used are all natural, hypo allergenic and paraben free and side effects are non-existent. They provide long lasting SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection with deep skin penetration and hydrate the skin for 24 hours. They have over 200 skin growth factors which replenish natural levels of proteins like collagen and elastin.The creams are the only ones available in Australia which use adipose stem cell technology, not plant stem cell technology. They were initially developed as a wound healing product that penetrates to the cellular level of the skin and this is why it works so effectively. They help reduce acne and stretch marks, and can be used after hair removal, dermal abrasions, peels, waxing etc, and even help skin cells to recover faster from these treatments.

In a US-based study, use of the creams alone led to an improvement in all skin features by up to 20% within 4 weeks of use, and a further 10% improvement after 12 weeks. Optimal improvement is gained after 3 months’ use. When the effect of the creams is combined with ultrasound, deep skin massage and light therapy, the improvement time is reduced to only weeks (see Clinical Perfection photos).

Ingredients of the creams include:
AcquaCell enables skin to hydrate
Phormistim (blue algae) protects against UV rays and DNA damage
Chlorellagen D/DP (green algae) rich in proteins and amino acids, helps improve collagen and elastin synthesis
Octinate is the SPF 30 ingredient

This stem cell technology contains human cytokines, small cell-signaling protein molecules, which means it interacts perfectly with natural body processes to stimulate collagen and elastin production that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Skin tissue is actually regenerated which combats wrinkling and thinning of skin as it ages.

No stem cells themselves are used, but a natural liquid media conditioned by the adult stem cells is the active ingredient in it and contains cytokines to regenerate skin tissue. Growth factors inform the cells to lower inflammation, build new blood cells and produce collagen along with the cytokines and interleukins (a group of cytokines assisting in the immune system). No other product has the same cytokines, interleukins and growth factors as our since other products use plant stem cell technology.

The technology uses adipose-derived adult stem cells. These are stem cells obtained from human fat and used to improve skin texture, minimising pores, and building the blood vessel-collagen matrix. This is why it moisturises, rehydrates, repairs and revitalises the skin so well.