Teeth Whitening Procedure

Our teeth whitening system procedure:

  • Firstly we take a picture of your teeth for comparison at the end of our procedure.
  • To start we apply vitamin E gel to protect your gums.
  • Whitening gel is carefully applied onto your teeth.
  • The LED light is used to activate the procedure. This is very safe and gentle compared with the laser or ultraviolet light used in other systems.
  • The gel safely penetrates the tooth enamel to allow deep internal whitening.
  • Actual chair time is approximately 30 minutes depending on the initial colour of your teeth, the entire procedure could taking up to 60-70 minutes if gel needs to be applied second time.
  • After teeth are rinsed protective calming gel is applied to your teeth.
  • Finally we photograph your teeth again to show you the great results you have achieved.