Costs and Benefits

REMEMBER that cosmetic teeth whitening treatment is one of the fastest & the most cost effective ways to achieve a younger, healthier look and dramatically enhance your image.

30 minutes session $169

60 minutes session $269

With our teeth-whitening system you can achieve a smile up to 9 shades lighter.


Cosmetic in-chair teeth whitening system is incredibly quick and convenient as it transforms your smile in around an hour.

Visible results can be noticed straight after the treatment!

The most cost effective cosmetic procedure to instantly enhance your image and to freshen your appearance. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you.

The excellent results are not only highly noticeable but as well durable, so your investment in your appearance goes further.

 Our teeth whitening system is suitable for:

1. Extrinsic tooth discoloration (affected by coffee, tobacco, sauce, tea, food, etc)

2. Intrinsic tooth discoloration (e.g. mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining)

3. Genetically yellow teeth

4. Other cause of teeth discoloration (e.g. aging)

5. All the people who want a whiter & brighter